Portfolio Review

HOKKAIDO PHOTO FESTA is the photography festival which is delivering from Hokkaido. Our mission is finding photographers who are challenging a possibility of photography. We also aim for bringing photographers up to the next level.

In 2019, well-known photographers, curator, critic and publisher are participated in HOKKAIDO FOTO FESTA as reviewers for the purpose of providing new expression of photography.

The excellent work which is selected by reviewers will have an opportunity to publish photobook. (However, There is a case that might not be able to publish due to some reason. )

We are thrilled to see your excellent works all over the world and we are waiting for your submission.


Shunji Dodo / Photographer

Kenji Takazawa / Photography Critic

Kazuko Sekiji / Curator of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Shinya Arimoto / Photographer

Hiroshi Onishi / Publisher

Ahn Jun / Photographer


5th(SAT) and 6th(SUN) , October ,2019 Start: 10:00 AM


ICC (Interxcross creative center) 1F cross garden
Address: 1-1-1, Higashi-sapporo gojo, Shiraishiku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 7mins walk from Higashi Sapporo Station (subway Tozaisen)

Deadline for entry

20th September 2019
# submission must by PC (You can’t entry by tablet or mobile phone)

Theme : Any genre

# 10 – 50 images series
# Bring your work in box. (do not filing)


8,500 yen (2 reviewers)
# In case of over applicants, We might not be able to go along to your requests. # Additional review fee 6,500 yen each reviewer.


The winner will have an opportunity to publish the photo book.
# Please note that if there is no worthy work which is judged by reviewers in this portfolio review, opportunity of publication will be declined.


# This portfolio review is open for everyone.

# If you are under 18 years old, it is a necessary agreement from parents. We assume that there is agreement when we accept the submission.

# 10 ~ 50 images of series. Only 1 work for each participant.

# Any genre of photography is welcome.

# You are the sole copyright owner and creator of the photographs.

# Any methods of photographs are fine to submit such as composite photographs and collage photographs.

# Bring printed photographs which you entry to the portfolio review. Size are 8×10 inch or A4.

# Bring printed photographs in box. Do not filing.

# We can’t accept slide data nor motion images (movie).

# We will decline the entry that is not connected with photographs.

# You can submit both of on-going and completed works If it is original. It is also possible to entry if the work had submitted to other competitions. But You are not able to entry which work was already published as a photo book.

How to entry

# Entry by the 20th September, 2019 by the entry from.

# Upload 5 images, JPEGs, maximum size is 1000 pixels.

# Pay portfolio review fee. When we accepted your entry and payment, we will send details back to you by Email within a week.

# If you are only participated for award (if you are won’t be in the portfolio review), the fee is 8500yen. In this case, Please write about it on remarks column.

# Please send us a statement of work (1 page of A4) by the time we notified. We will tell you details about it by Email. If you would like to return your statement, please enclose the envelope which is wrote down your address. If you don’t need to send it back, we will discard responsibly.

Time Schedule of Portfolio Review

# Start 5th October, 10:00, Please come to ICC by 9:30.
# On 6th October, 13:00, Announce 6 Finalists.
# On 6th October, 13:30, Finalists presentation.
# On 6th October, 15:00, Final Selection by reviewers.
# on 6th October, 16:00, Announce the winner of the award.

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